Mid Century Modern Inspiration

It may not be quite as true today, but traditionally even mass produced products start off with a designer working away to create something pleasing to the eye. In the early days of the Singer Sewing Machine these shapes were accented with gloss black paint and detailed graphics that made the machine as much a piece of artwork as a tool that would last over 100 years and counting. After World War II the black head era of machine was being phased out and Singer was changing their style. Many machines still had great bones, but gone was the gloss black and graphics. Instead they were replaced with assorted tan and grey colored tones. While some of the machines still have a quite handsome look to them, we couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if we took that style of “Atomic Era” Art and applied it to the Mid Century Modern lines that a machine already had.

For this project we chose Serial #EV223087. A Model 328K that was produced in April of 1963. It isn’t the most sought after 60’s era Singer, but it had the lines we were looking for. Once we had settled on a machine, it was dissembled and sent off to Phil at Syrarium Studios again. This time we had a bit more hand in the design. We sent along a couple stencils for some of the details that we wanted as well as the decal to recreate the markings needed for the stitch length plate. While we had ideas, we don’t collaborate with another artist just to tie their hands. Phil is still very much responsible for the end outcome of this machine.

Once back in our hands, the machine had the threads re-tapped, and was carefully re-assembled to a perfect working order. We finished if off with a twin needle set up with matching thread. Giving the stitch almost as much style as the machine.

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