Make It New Again — The Singer 15-91

We get calls about “old Sewing Machines” pretty much every day. The calls that tack on a comment about another shop causing issues are less common, but still frequent enough that we can give out a standard answer. When the voice on the other end states that she bought the machine used and never got to see it new, but would like to, well then we know we’re in for a project a bit above average.

It wasn’t very long before we had a box at our door from a couple of states away containing a used but not abused Singer 15-91 that had some burnt up wiring.

The Singer was disassembled down to is bare bones, and sent off for a fresh coat of black paint, and decal refresh.

Once back in our care, every piece inside and out was cleaned and polished (where necessary) to remove any dirt, oil, and wear marks before being reassembled.

We finished it off with new wiring and an original Singer foot control to make sure the knee bracket in her cabinet could still be used.

I won’t claim that this is exactly like it was when it first left the Singer factory. Our wiring choices and finishing options are slightly different today, but I would like to think that those original factory workers would be okay with these subtle changes. The customer is more than thrilled with the outcome and that’s all that really matters.

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