A Mint Mobile That Ryan Guy Can’t Have

Once upon a time there was a little Singer Featherweight that came to live with us. It could still sew a pretty stitch but wasn’t much to look at. It’s graphics were mostly gone and even some of its black paint too. While there were a lot of options, rewarding it for it’s past work with a bit of a refresh was the only real option for us.

I had changed my mind on the new color quite a few times before I settled on making it something that could have been but never was. Singer green. Singer released a few models in the late 50’s in a minty shade of green. The Singer 15-125, 185, and 319 all got this color option but the 221 never did. Until now.

One of my reasons for wanting to use this color scheme was to utilize the matched electrical connectors and controller from these machines. It’s just a fun unique detail that most repaints can’t pull off in the same way.

With that decided, I started to tear the machine down. Somewhere in the middle of teardown I made mention of our project to a customer and my Featherweight had a new owner before it was even close to done.

As with all of our restoration and repaint work, this machine underwent a full tear down to bare shell. While this isn’t 100% necessary for the painting process, it does give us a chance to fully clean and polish each and every part before reassembly. Making this little guy once again mint from top to bottom!

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