The Millard Sewing Warehouse in Plattsmouth, Nebraska

So a while back we decided to convert the service area at Millard Sewing Center into our Sewing Studio. We had no intentions of losing or even shrinking our repair area, just moving it into the warehouse part of the building. Of course this left the warehouse stacked to the rafters and finding stuff was about like looking for that last Easter Egg that nobody remembered hiding.

The next logical step was to move stuff into one of the two storage units that we had. If you’ve never had a storage unit, owning it goes something like this. “It’s too hot to go to storage and look for that”. “It’s too cold to go to storage and look for that”. “It’s too nice out to go to storage and look for that”. You get the idea. So the decision was made to start looking for more storage that could combine both storage units and the store’s overflow.

We weren’t necessarily looking for it to be across town, but sometimes good opportunities present themselves. When we met the owner at the new building it was obvious that he was a stand up gentleman that was going to make this a very easy on us. Sold!

Here’s where it would have been really easy to black out the front windows and start organizing our new storage space. Alas the top of the rabbit hole is only fun for so long before you jump in with both feet and never look back.

Here we are a few months later and we have comfortably settled in near the bottom of the rabbit hole. Our Millard Sewing Warehouse is still a warehouse, but it didn’t stop there. It is currently open three days a week. For a lot of our customers, it offers a more convenient place to stop by for sewing machine service and repair and also has a growing number of notions and accessories. We are filling it with a variety of new and vintage sewing machines, and you’ll even notice a bit of vintage fabric making it’s way over here. The best part is you can always place your order online with us and pick up at this new location if it’s closer for you.

As we move forward we will be looking for your feedback on what you want us to stock here. That will drive what we prioritize bringing in first. You are welcome to stop by on Monday, Tuesday or Saturday to check things out, but really look for a Grand Opening Announcement in the coming weeks. Once we get it a bit more settled I think it’s unique offerings are going to cause a lot of people to want to visit both locations on a regular basis!

Find it at: 619 E Wiles Rd, Plattsmouth, Ne

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