First thing is first. No you can’t have it. Even if it was ours, we probably wouldn’t sell it.

This Singer Model 24 arrived to us in cosmetically good shape. The wiring however was a mix of original remnants and vintage repairs.

Most of our efforts were concentrated on rewiring and rebuilding the motor and controller. I mean sure we went through and serviced the machine, got it to sew again, and might have spent far more time than we intended cleaning and polishing some of the parts, but the rewire was the big focus here.

As coincidental as it might seem, we were looking to expand our wiring options at the same time this machine was on it’s way to us.

It all worked out perfectly as the wire arrived a few days after the machine. It looks period correct, but functions just like brand new wire that doesn’t crumble the minute you touch it. I would call this a win all the way around!

Since we don’t have a Model 24 of our very own, maybe we will have to pull that Willcox & Gibbs Chain Stitch Machine down off the shelf and play with it for a while.

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