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Over a decade ago Millard Sewing decided to no longer offer new sewing machines. The value of the new machine just didn’t compare with the vintage offerings. Couple that with the rules involved with being an approved dealer and we felt like our customers were better served by keeping they’re existing machines going or by offering them a quality pre-owned option.

Now here we are today looking at the first new machine to be up for sale in our store (and on our website) since then. We aren’t under any obligations to sell a certain number of machines to retain a dealer status, or jump through any hoops to make someone else happy. Finally we have the best of all the scenarios. We can offer you a new machine, a classic, or to just repair what you already have and love. Everyone wins.

Unboxing The Sparrow 25

The first of our new flock to land was the Sparrow 25. This machine sits in the middle of the 6 machine line up. It has pretty much everything you would want in a modern machine and boasts 197 stitch options on top of that. Probably best of all is that we had it plugged in and stitching in a matter of minutes. It has a lot of features, but it is still intuitive to use. First time sewists will be able to concentrate on their project rather than worrying about how to set up the machine. If you already have experience sewing you will find that all of the controls you want are still there to tweak things just the way you always have. Overall this machine does a superb job of juggling modern options with a simplicity that every generation of sewer can appreciate.

New Machine With Classic Service

Since the beginning of this business in 1980 we have hand checked every machine that we sell prior to them leaving the building. This is an extra level of quality control for our customers, and an extra level of piece of mind for us.

The above images show the sample (in white) of how the machine left the factory and (in purple) how it will leave our store. The tension settings were good out of the box but as you can tell by the second image a little bit of adjustment went a long way to make the bottom of the stitches look just as good as the top.

Once you receive your new machine from us, you may have questions. Like we always have been, we are here to help. You are welcome to stop in, call or schedule a video chat to ask any question that you may have or just to get some basic instructions on how to use things if you are just starting out.

Does This Effect Your Vintage Machine Sale?

Yes it does, but only in a positive way. We have found that we are developing a back log of vintage projects. Part of the slowdown is because our time has been used preparing modern machines for sale to fill those clients needs. We hope that this Sparrow line will allow us to still offer those seeking modern machines what they want and allow us to focus our repair and restoration efforts on the true classics.

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