The Sewing Studio: Sew Steady & Westalee Design Have Arrived!

I could lie and tell you this is all for our customers, but lets be honest, we wanted this stuff for ourselves. You just happen to benefit from it!

The Westalee Design Locking Rulers make cutting quilt blocks so much faster and easier that we knew we wanted at least a few in the studio to use. How many more we will end up with is anyone’s guess, but chances are if they make it we will end up having it.

The Ruler Foot setup is a great way to quilt with or without a Long Arm Machine, and we have ordered in a handful of template sets for studio use as well.

Yes We Will Share!

If you just want to take these things for a spin, stop by and give them a try. As long as we don’t have a class in session you are welcome to test out the locking rulers, or give our Elna eXcellence 680+ Anniversary Edition a spin with the template sets. Bring your own fabric or use some of our scrap pieces.

If you are taking a class, feel free to utilize some of these as part of the class or stay after to give your next project some added style.

You Don’t Have To Share!

Of Course if you want a set of your very own, and we are sure you will after using ours, we have some for sale as well!

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