Maybe you’ve noticed by now, or maybe you haven’t, but this red square has found a home in a lot of places on our website now. It means pretty much what you would expect it to mean. We are now offering the full line of Elna Sewing Machines & Accessories.

Adding a new line of sewing machines is not something we take lightly. We thought about and talked to a lot of brands before deciding on what we wanted to offer to our customers. Just like with our vintage machine offerings, we would rather not offer a product at all than offer something that we don’t believe in.

Why Elna?

All of the sewing machine companies have changed a lot over the last century from when they first started. They have all had some ups and some downs. The Elna name has fared better than most. They started off strong with some very unique ideas with their transformer carrying cases and bobbins that took a back seat to sewing visibility, but by the 80’s and 90’s the sewing community was at it’s smallest and things were looking a little grim. Today we find the name under the Janome brand umbrella. This pairs these classic clever innovations with Janome’s deep pockets and factories that produce some of the best machines offered today.

Do these machines look familiar? The 720Pro, EF72, and straight stitch only EF1 all very closely resemble the Janome Memory Craft line that we have done lot of maintenance on, but very rarely a repair.


Speaking of the EF72 and EF1, another big part of taking on a new brand was being able to take care of our online shoppers. The best machines in the world won’t do any good if nobody can buy it. While the entire Elna line isn’t available online, we are allowed to offer the Elnita line to our online shoppers, and it rounds out our offerings quite nicely if we do say so ourselves.

In Store

For our in store shoppers, we do have the entire Elna line up available. Many of them are on hand to test drive and take home today!

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