Steady Sewing Is In Your Future!

No matter what you are doing, it’s always easier (and more enjoyable) when you are in the right space for the task at hand. Sewing is no exception. When it comes to many vintage machines an equally vintage cabinet is often the right answer to gain more work space and much needed storage. Modern machines are of course different and so they have different needs. Cabinets are still available but the current offerings aren’t always the right solution for a multitude of reasons. So how do you get more work space and a little bit of storage?

With a Sew Steady extension table of course!

Sew Steady Extension Tables are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be ordered for almost every machine out there new or old. You can gain that much needed work space level with the machine bed, and even gain some storage at the same time! Not only are the Sew Steady Tables available with a handy drawer to keep your “go to” supplies, but the space between the sewing surface and table makes for a handy place to stash even more goodies, and that clear acrylic table top lets you see just what is there.

In our example here, we have loaded up our Wish table with some of our favorite accessories from EverSewn, Schmetz, & Bucklebee. Under the table you find our EverSewn Quilting Foot Accessory Pack (minus the foot on the Sparrow 25 of course) and the next pieces ready to be stitched together.

I know we make it look easy, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Stop by and give any of these products a try whenever you would like!

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