Quilting Inspiration

As much fun as our own shop is, every once and a while you have to get out and see what the rest of the world is doing. Luckily for us our convenient interstate access allows us to be in Lincoln and at the International Quilt Museum in no time flat!

Looking at other peoples work is always a great way to keep your inspiration high, and learn about new techniques, or even older methods that you might not have seen in person.

So often the only time we get to see these works of art is the rare occasion that they make they’re way out of the closet and onto the bed, which really isn’t right. We don’t hide our paintings or portraits in the closet. Why they’re more practical artistic cousin isn’t displayed in a modern art type of setting more often is a mystery to us.

With that, it’s time to grab some fabric and get started on the next project!

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