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Unless this is your first visit to our site, you are probably well aware that we have a love for vintage sewing machines, and their accessories, and their cabinets, and well everything that goes with them. Outside of the sewing room however we still have a love of the vintage. Just like in the sewing room, it’s a mix of “using what we are used to”, and searching out treasures we couldn’t get when they were new. And just like in the sewing room we have more than we know what to do with. Which brings us to what we will call our new division.

The Vintage Variety.com

The Vintage Variety is our new online home for all of our treasure overstock. We wanted to keep this site all about sewing, so we just went ahead and started a whole new website for our other goodies. In store you will be able to pick up items purchased at The Vintage Variety, but just like this website, the brick and mortar store will remain focused on sewing only.

So take a look through all of the goodies we have to offer over at The Vintage Variety, and we will see you back here at good old Millard Sewing.com when it’s time to head back to the sewing room.

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  1. Do you work on treadle machines? I need help getting my belt on, and i can’t get it to fit…

    1. Of course we do! If you are local and want to bring it by, we can take a look at it and see what’s going on.

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