Many of you have that have browsed the website may already know that we have this Montgomery Wards “Strealiner” sewing machine and cabinet up for sale. This machine is relatively unknown when compared to some of its competition from the same era, and that’s why we are here today.

We recently had the chance to take a peak at the Montgomery Wards catalog from 1942. There on page 628 was the “18th Century Sheraton Style Cabinet” complete with the “Supreme Reversible Rotary Head No 4” for only $71.95. Or $1,160.97 according to the inflation calculator that I used. Luckily you could put down $15 ($242.04) and make monthly payments of just $5 ($80.68) a month. It makes me wonder if we shouldn’t raise our $99.95 price tag just a bit!

I’ve included a few more images that should be large enough (when clicked on) to read more of the fine details of this mostly forgotten sewing machine. If you’re clamoring for more from the 1940s Wards catalog, than hang in there we have another announcement that will make you quite happy coming very soon!

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