Feeling Blue Isn’t Always Bad

Singer 301 After Restoration

We are all fans of the Singer Model 301 here, but to be honest we aren’t all fans of the basic beige that most of them are covered in. It’s not that it’s bad, its just that for a model of this importance we prefer the two toned or black ones to the basic ones. Luckily we can fix all this is minor issue, and that’s just what we did here. When this machine was purchased from us, it was your basic tan 301. Since this happened to be destined to be under a Christmas tree, basic and tan weren’t going to fly.

We stripped this machine down to it’s bare shell to make sure the original color could be completely removed and replaced with the new blue hue. A new center graphic was designed with soon to be new owners initials, and off to paint it went.

Once back from paint we had our work cut out for us. Every hole that has threads, or a fastener through it must be cleaned of paint to allow for reassembly. All machined surfaces must be free of paint, and every piece of the machine is cleaned and re-polished where necessary. This not only guarantees a beautiful machine, but allows everything to be reset to factory clearances and make this thing sew just like new.

More Images:

Some behind the scenes from this build:

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