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Face Make Rulers by Sew Steady Use the new Sew Steady Face Mask Rulers to cut out the mask and liner with ease and accuracy. Markings on the templates assist in adding in the casing for elastic or string. We offer two rulers with 5 total sizes between them. – Choose Size SL for (Small/Large) Large – approx 5-3/8in deep x approx 6-1/2in tall, approx 10-3/4in flattened finished size Small – approx 4-1/2in deep x approx 5-1/2in tall, approx 9 flattened finished size OR Choose Size XSMXL for (XSmall/Medium/XLarge) Extra Large – approx 5-3/4in deep x approx 7in tall, approx 11-1/2in flattened finished size Medium – approx 5in deep x approx 6-1/8in tall, approx 10in flattened finished size Extra Small – approx 4-1/8in deep x approx 5in tall, approx 8-1/4in flattened finished size

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Dimensions 8 × 10 × 2 in


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