New Mask Patterns In stock!

December 30th 2020

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Like everyone else we were hoping this mess was going to come to an end sooner than later. So far that doesn’t seem to be the case. The next best thing to not needing a mask is to make it easier on you to make one and that’s exactly what this is for. Lay it on top of your cutting mat and put that fancy rotary cutter to work making quick work of the cutting duties. You can find them in our store here: Face Mask Ruler

Finally a pattern for Scrubs

April 24th 2020

The Creighton Cares team reached out to us a while ago asking for help with scrubs, and we immediately reached out to you passing their word along. The biggest problem is that nobody seemed to have a pattern to use! We reached out to a few suppliers, but only got a couple of suggestions of patterns we could try and order. Well Simplicity/McCalls announced today that they had released a Free pattern for scrubs as well as masks, gowns, and other PPE that your local hospitals may need.

Here’s the link so you can get to work!

Nebraska Medicine asks for volunteers to make masks

April 14th 2020

If you missed the news story on WOWT 6, you can read/watch it here. We have also reached out to Nebraska Medicine to offer our store as a pick up and drop off location for the supplies and finished masks. We will update you if they take us up on the offer. Until then feel free to reach out on your own.

Scrubs Are Needed!

April 7th 2020


The Team at Creighton Cares has reached out and asked us if we could help provide them with scrubs. We are currently searching for a pattern, and will update this location as soon as we find one. In the meantime if you already own a pattern and can help make scrubs please drop them off to our location and we will get them to the Creighton Cares Team for distribution.

Previous Info:

You all know the situation at hand, and you’ve all probably seen long letters from company owners on multiple websites, so we won’t make you read another one of those. We are currently operating under normal hours trying to get repairs turned around as fast as possible to make sure you can continue to make things that help protect you and your loved ones. Speaking of we have compiled some links to help you with that:

Peak-A-Boo Pattern Shop has this Isolation Gown

Masks are available from a variety of places:

3D Mask Pattern:

Tutorials of 3D face mask;comfortable boat-shaped mask;Especially ...

Hobby lobby:

Joann Fabrics

Trend Patterns:

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