About Our Sewing Studio:

If you follow us on social media, then you are probably already a bit familiar with this space. If not, lets start from the beginning. People have been asking if we offered classes for several years, and while we have always offered operator lessons with purchases, we haven’t done anything more than that, and certainly never had a dedicated space until now.

Another key reason for creating this space is for your sewing emergencies. All too often we get a call with a voice on the other end in a panic. There is a deadline of some sort and their machine isn’t cooperating. Sometimes we can solve their problem quickly, and other times it has to go in line for repair. Whatever the case, now we have a place and machines that are at the ready for people to bring in their project to get them finished. A lot less stress for everyone that way!

Of course that isn’t all this space is good for. We are now able to offer people operator lessons on machines that came from somewhere besides us. Just because it was a gift or a family heirloom doesn’t mean you should be left on your own to figure things out. If you are just getting started on your sewing adventures we can offer several options to get you going, and all at your own pace.

Our Sewing Studio consists of several stations. These are all equipped with a sturdy 46″ x 24″ height adjustable table from Husky. They feature a 10 outlet power strip to make sure you can plug in any accessory you need, and are equipped with all of the basic sewing notions you need thanks to an EverSewn Starter Kit along with a few extras. The station rental currently runs $5 a day, and can be accentuated by renting any additional equipment that you might need. We have EverSewn Sparrow 25s as the standard household machine rental but can discuss other machines on hand if needed.

We also have several serger options, as well as a heavy duty machine at the ready (soon to be replaced by a full commercial machine) for those projects that need a little bit more muscle to complete.

If you have a big idea, just rent the whole room and push these tables together as needed. This room was designed to be modular so it can be rearranged daily to accommodate all of our (I mean) your projects.

Now lets talk a bit about what we have dubbed the Creative Corner. Here we have the all new EverSewn Sparrow X2 and Cricut Maker at the ready to handle your next project that needs a bit more creativity. The best part about these is that they come with help. Maybe you are already an expert in embroidery, or with the Cricut line up, or maybe you aren’t. Either way, we can be as hands on as needed with these machines to ensure your project gets finished how you want, and in a timely manner.

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