Helpful Hints For Your Sewing Machine Issues:

Check to see if your bobbin winder is engaged.

On most machines the bobbin should be installed so that it turns counterclockwise when you pull on the thread.

Check that the thread is properly threaded through the tension assembly.  If the machine is threaded properly try adjusting the tension to a higher setting.

First check that any stitch length adjustments are set properly.  This can also be caused by excessive lint build up around the feed dogs.

This can be few things, but the first and easiest thing to check is that the machine is properly oiled with Sewing Machine Oil.

There are a few different things that can cause this issue.  Start by checking that the needle is inserted into the machine in the proper orientation.  Turning the hand wheel the wrong direction can also cause this scenario.  Always turn the hand wheel towards the front.  If the issue persists after checking both of these, your machine might be out of time.  This will require more major work, and is a great time to take advantage of our offer for a free service estimate.

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