Holiday Gift Guide

Relax Non-Sewing People, We Have You Covered!

It’s never easy to find a thoughtful gift when it comes to someone else’s passion. Sure they probably talk about it all year long and you may even nod along like you understand. Now it’s coming up to the holidays and it’s time to test how good your listening skills were. Don’t worry we are here to help.

Stocking Stuffers

No Sewist is ever going to turn down a great set of thread. We have a variety of options here, and all of them are at a price reasonable enough to fall into the stocking stuffers category. These sets are the perfect accent to their next project and with 8 plus spools in each set they will be reminded of your great gift for many months to come.


Getting your Sewer a great gift doesn’t have to be just for them. If you’re tired of listing to them claim they can’t find a thing, then some handy organization will solve their problem, and yours!

First Time Sewists

If you’re shopping for someone new to sewing, then we have some great options for them as well. We offer a variety of new and pre-owned machines and every machine over a $200 sale price includes a free 1 on 1 class to make sure your gift brings them joy rather than frustration and endless online searches for answers.

If they already have a machine then a starter kit is a great way to get them a lot of their necessary notions in one easy place.

What Are They Sewing On?

Even the most expensive machine in the world is pretty worthless without fabric, thread, and a pattern to follow. We have a lot of choices in all of those categories but here is a selection specific to the holiday to keep the festivities going all day long.

And If You Still Can’t Decide

Feel free to shoot us a message, or stop in at your convenience. I’m sure we can help you come up with something for your sewist!

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