If you’re a regular here, then you have probably noticed that we have been adding a lot of parts to the site lately. There are in fact three different waves coming together to make this tidal wave of new listings happen.

First we are adding all of the parts available to us. These may or may not always be an item that we will stock, but they are quickly available to us which makes them quickly available to you. Adding these to our own system is being done to speed up our repair process making it faster to find out what options we can offer to the customer and making the invoicing process faster allowing us to get to the next repair even quicker! At the same time we are taking them to website for the DIY crowd. If you need the part for your own repair we aren’t going to say no!

NOS parts. We have been working to go through several boxes (#UNDERSTATEMENT!) of New Old Stock parts. These are parts that are likely not available anywhere else, but they are or soon will be available from us! It’s just a matter of a whole lot of sorting, picture taking, and typing to get them all listed and ready to make your “old” machine new again.

The third portion of this wave of parts is coming by way of original parts. If you’ve noticed these parts diagrams popping up around the site, that’s because we are in the beginning stages of listing the parts from our “parts machines” online. When you work on 120+ years worth of machines you need to have a supply of parts, and when many of these parts haven’t been available new for several decades those parts either come from machine part outs or by being made from scratch. We are going to use these diagrams to list all of the parts we have available (yes you can still request a picture, especially for cosmetically important parts). We are starting with the classic Singer line up, but feel free to send us a note if you need something for a Pfaff, Necchi, Kenmore, etc. We have somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 machines available to us, so the chance of finding your part here is pretty good!

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