The Golden Rule

No matter what you are working on if the color doesn’t match it’s going to stand out, and not in a way that’s very flattering.

That only leaves you with a couple of options. Depending on what you are doing you could choose a safe “blending” color and hope that your black, grey, or white blends into the background. Or, you could be bold and turn it into an accent like we did for the wiring on this Singer 319. The original mint green wire is close to impossible to find an exact replacement for. The Gold Singer logo and badge on the other hand? Now That we can work with!

So now in addition to the standard wiring and black braided wire that we offer, we have added an option to go Gold! And don’t worry I have a feeling we’ll be added some photos of a black machine accented with our new favorite wire before too long if your curious what that looks like.

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