10¢ of Plastic Should Not Ruin 100’s of dollars worth of Sewing Machines

Plastic might just be the biggest love/hate relationship in the sewing world. It’s great for so many things, but it’s equally frustrating when that tiny piece of plastic gives up and puts a whole lot of other parts into an early retirement.

This Bernina 1008’s extension table was a victim of this phenomenon. The plastic pins had given way and left the table flat.
We were able to offer the customer their choice of 3D printed plastic pins, or opting for custom made aluminum pins which is what they chose to go with. A little time on our lathe and we had the new parts fabricated.
The new pins are in and the table is back to work doing it’s job. Leaving this Bernina’s story with happy continuation instead of being at an end.

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  1. Hi, I have the same problem with my bernina table, how do you remove the old pins and where can I buy the metal pins ? Thanks

    1. Hey Emma, if the old pins are stuck in the extension table it should be easy to tap them out with a small punch and hammer, just be gentle. As far as buying pins, we made these custom for this machine. If you happen to be local, just stop by with the table and machine so I can retake some measurements. If not then I will have to look through our parts machines to see what we have that I can measure, or you would have to send your extension table in. Of course the other option is to take a look at the Sew Steady tables we offer. No pins on those to break ever!

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