Our Sparrow Has Joined A Flock

Our solo Sparrow has been joined by the rest of the flock here at Millard Sewing Center.

We have once again re-arranged our sales room and are now offering the full line of EverSewn Sewing Machines as well as their line of accessories:

We have been very impressed by not only the quality of the line up, but the diversity as well. Rather than each machine offering just a few more features than the last one, each model seems to be tailored to a certain sewists needs. That means saving money by buying the machine with features you need and not the features that everyone needs just to have a quality sewing machine.

In addition to the machines and accessories a healthy supply of replacement parts is filling our parts bins as well. This not only assures us that we can take care of the simple things like that lost spool cap, but also that if a need for warranty work arises that we can take care of that quickly as well.

Our views of this line has been echoed by everyone who has tried one of these machines so far. If you’re local, feel free to stop by and give one a try. If you aren’t so local, we can always set up a video chat. It’s not quite the same thing as sewing on them in person, but it is a great way to answer any questions and see and hear what to expect from your new purchase.

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